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Masters of Digital leverages geographic location data to accelerate marketing performance in the online and offline world

What we do

Masters of Digital helps advertisers to reach their target audience through geographic behavioural data. We do this with an innovative attitude and an open mind to the changing, privacy driven and cookieless media ecosystem

Our core

Bringing together experience, good (data) partnerships and an appetite for succes is what drives us. Masters of Digital is founded by industry experts that believe quality and long lasting clients relationships come from standing out on these 4 pillars.



Masters of Digital is founded by industry experts that have decades of experience in the display advertising and out of home advertising space.


Using offline behavioural data as the core of all media propositions makes Masters of Digital stand out against your typical digital agency.



Excellent execution and service is in our dna. At Masters of Digital we always go the extra mile to service our partners.



Whether it’s the data that we use or the campaigns that run on our partners networks, verifying delivery and performance is one of our main keys to success

How we work



A good campaign starts with defining the audience that is relevant for the advertiser's campaign. With a set of relevant KPI's and audiences the campaign definition can be set.


With the target audiences in mind, a concept of the campaign is created. Questions that need to be answered in this phase: What do we tell the audience? Where and at what moment in time?



The next step is to create a channel strategy to make sure the campaign storytelling reaches its full potential. How can we maximise reach and frequency on the target group and how do we make sure the messaging of the campaign comes across?


Campaign creatives are an essential part of campaign effectiveness. Masters of Digital advises on creative work but also helps creating outstanding creatives for each medium concerned


When all the basics in terms of audiences, media strategy and creatives are set, it's time to run the campaigns.


Every campaign has its own set of KPI's that are relevant for success. Werther it's creative a/b testing or optimisation of placements, at Masters of Digital we keep a close eye on reaching results.

The way we look at building audiences and reaching them

Masters of Digital combines several qualitative offline data sources for planning, executing and reporting digital media campaigns. Through its own collected data and partnerships, Masters of Digital is able to show consumers relevant ads on all online channels and digital billboards.


Wake up
Waking up in the morning and scrolling to the latest news gives us multiple opportunities.  

  1. An opportunity to show a relevant ad
  2. Data about residential location
DOOH billboards while commuting

To Work
Commuting to work provides opportunities as well. For example, a regular commute gives data about a potential target group on that route, it also gives us an opportunity to send out an advertisement through Out of Home advertising

Lunch break

Lunch break
During the break people tend to go to the mall to get a sandwich. after lunch they often spends some time searching the internet for a next holiday destination or a new pair of sneakers and consider joining the gym again. After all, they just saw some reminders of this on the Out of Home advertising billboards while commuting to work. Time to start training again.

Visiting stores

Going home
While cycling home, this person realizes that she has nothing to eat yet and cycles to the closest grocery store around the corner. Regular visits to retail stores tell a lot about the target audience and with digital signage available in the stores, it provides good opportunity for targeted ads. 

Concert in the evening

Concert visit 
Finding out offline venues where people spend time and money and take effort in going too, are very valuable data points.  For example for a concert promotor it would be nice to distinguish people that often go to a concert venue from those that only visit it because they are a fan of Adele and will only come there for her concert. 

Home journey after the concert

Going home from the concert
For the concert promotor who does want to target the group that went to the Adele concert, Digital Signage on the way home in the hour after the concert gives a good opportunity to target the users with an ad promoting the next Adele concert. 

Wake up
A woman wakes up in the morning. Checks her phone for the latest news and scrolls through social media.

To Work
She goes to work by bike and passes various digital signage boards with ads from several advertisers on it.

Launch break
During the break she always goes to the mall to get a sandwich. after lunch she often spends some time searching the internet for her next holiday destination or a new pair of sneakers and considers joining the gym again. After all, she just saw some reminders of this on the digital signage boards. time to start training again.

Going home
While cycling home, she realizes that she has nothing to eat yet and cycles a bit to the Jumbo retail store around the corner. There she looks in the Jumbo app for the latest offers, but also sees on the digital signage screen that is in the Jumbo store that the coca cola zero is on sale. She takes a six pack with her. even though she already has a set of cans at home.

Concert visit in the evening
After dinner she changes clothes to go to a concert in the Ziggo Dome. She regularly comes here for all kinds of concerts by well-known but also beginning artists...

Going home from the concert
She went to the concert by car. On the way home, she sees advertisements along the highway for Adele's new concert. She reminds herself to turn on a reminder to book tickets...


Meet Masters of Digital's team of experts

Frank Hardenberg

Partner/ Managing Director

Rick Vriesema

Partner/ Commercial Director

Yordi Hardenberg

Partner/ Buying Director

Kevin Vermeij

Kevin Vermeij

Digital Client Lead

Sandra Broecks

Business Performance Director

Kashmir Klercq

Client Service Manager

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